You brought all of this together for us to experience. But most importantly, just like the cracks in the cobblestone paths that we travel, you filled in those cracks with the love of sharing your part of the world with us, by making all of us feel at home.

Seeing how the area is surrounded with God's beautiful handiwork, the people who call it home and food to die for. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed the journey, and what you taught us, not only about countries, the people, but about life as you see it, will be truly cherished. Thank you again for the "Journey of a Life Time!". And remember like Alba said, " You are now part of the family!". May God hold you firmly in His hands to keep you warm and safe, and may His Breath continue to engulf you with His Love.

Take care, STAY IN TOUCH, and as we say in the old country, Gracias! Ciao, Ciao!

Dear Katja, Thanks again for everything and for being so warm and friendly and your attention to detail.  You were marvelous with all the cousins.  We enjoyed the gourmet meal on the way to Venice -- a most unique experience.  We now know why Manja thinks so highly of you...

Thank you Katja to arrange our trip through the former Yugoslavian countries. Since Slovenia 3 years ago with you was great, we have decided to ask for your help again. Before we left we already received a lot of information about the places we were going to visit, general Information and information about interesting sights and nice restaurants. During the trip was great to stay in contact with you. And also meeting you on Hvar, where you guided us in a very nice way, was great. The personal way in which you arranged our trip made it an unforgettable experience.

Your country is the most amazing of all I have seen & I travel a lot. And your company service is the BEST. I will send you all my friends here, please take them to all the places and restaurants you took me.

Katja, I have been to a lot of incentives all over the world... The one you have prepared for our group with this Fairytale story - was made with so much love and attention to detail, that I have to say it was the best INCENTIVE we had with our company so far. :) Thanks a lot!!! HUGS.

..dear Katja. We are so happy to be able to cooperate with such an amazing professional and especially with a person like you are. I am sure our clients and partners will love to come back to experience more of your astonishing Incentive tours.  Keep us informed.

Dear Katja,

firstly, I want to thank you for your kind efforts & good dealing with us.


secondly, regarding the trip, the clients said that the country, hotels with locations, your services, everything was great ..

Again many thanks & happy season for all of us, Najat.

My Dear Katja,
..., you are good friend and then a business associate.
I wish you very good luck, please always stay in touch. Nasir

dear Kati,

client was very happy. Take care. Keep in touch. Ahmed

Dear Nikaia Team,

both groups really loved Slovenia. Nobody was expecting to see such beauties. We will come back with more groups. Best. Raj